visit a showroom

Our showroom is about inspiring creativity. Well designed and diverse displays are a great way to demonstrate the workmanship that goes into our cabinetry and to demonstrate what is possible from large to the smallest of spaces. Visitors are encouraged to take in every detail to help determine if Hickory Lane may be a possible fit for their project.

Connect with a designer

A first meeting is set up where the designer will ask for dimensions, images of existing spaces, possible or existing appliance specs, inspirational photos and ideas. Clients are encouraged to share as much information as possible concerning style, function requirements, timelines and budget parameters. Some preliminary finish choices made from our design system can also help define the design concept. The designer will create a custom design and quote based on this initial meeting.

Meet with the designer at the showroom

At a second meeting the designer will show detailed drawings demonstrating the possibilities for the space, a quote will help clarify budget questions. The finish choices are refined, details added, and together with the drawings the project really starts to take shape.

To proceed a retainer is required which is deducted from the cost of the cabinetry. Site measurements are taken, revisions made, finishes are finalized, appliances confirmed and a tentative delivery date is scheduled.

Final drawings are prepared, the contract is reviewed and signed, the deposit is paid and a delivery date is determined. The cabinetry is now put into production.


Many services

Arrangements for removal of existing cabinetry and/or general contracting, electrical, plumbing, painting, flooring etc. should be made during the design stages and are an independent process.All rough-ins, renovations, flooring and painting should be completed before the new cabinetry arrives.



A second payment is due upon delivery of the cabinetry. There is a surprising amount of cabinetry items that arrive and they need to be able to be delivered as close to the installation site as possible without being in the same area. It is necessary to arrange for easy access to the installation site during the entire install process.


Professional Install

The cabinetry installation time will vary depending on the size and location of the project. Adequate lighting and electrical outlets are a necessity. It is always an asset to make a garage or covered area available for cutting so that bad weather will not delay the process. The install usually happens in two stages. As much of the cabinetry as possible is installed during the first stage with the focus being on the base units so that the template for the counter tops can be done. It is necessary to have sinks, faucets, cooktops, slide in ranges or any other item affecting the counter top on site for the template. It usually takes two to three weeks from template to install for most solid surfaces. During this time, any cabinetry item that needed tweaking is addressed at the shop and is installed during the second stage. Sometimes it is necessary to finish the install after the counter tops have been installed depending on the style of cabinetry.


Stress Free

When the cabinet installation is complete the final payment is due. On the general contracting side, the plumber can hook up the sink and dishwasher after the counter tops have been installed, the appliance installer can install the appliances and the backsplash can be installed. It is our goal at Hickory Lane Kitchens to make this entire process creative, exciting and, as stress free as possible. We believe strongly in open communication with clients and associated trades – it’s what we’ve built our reputation on.


The majority of our projects are from referrals, some from years after the work was done. This is our reward for maintaining and providing a high level of design, craftsmanship and quality products. We provide a three year warranty on manufacturing and finish defects and a lifetime warranty on all hardware.